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In the time in between writing code and putting out fires, I also do session and studio recording work.

  • Artists and Projects: a virtual cornucopia of audio samples and bizarre pictures of the people who have recorded here.
  • Equipment: quick view of the nitty-gritty behind the sound… more for gearheads and interested professionals than anything else
  • Software and Drumkits: anything that we’ve put together here which might be of interest to the community at large

These pages explain a little more about the studio, and have some samples of the work we have done. Below was supposed to be a list of “frequently asked questions”, but I don’t really have the patience to actually *collect* questions that people ask, so I made a few up:

Who the hell are you, and why should your recording sound any better than anyone else’s?

Since this is my site (jbuchbinder.com), it’s pretty obvious that it is also my (Jeff’s) studio. As for sound and recording quality; it’s completely arbitrary, but we tend to think that the sound that comes out of our setup is good, and that we are fairly competent regarding mixdown and mastering.

What is up with the name?

It’s an acronym, which I don’t feel like explaining right now … and it’s also supposed to be a play on the word “meme“.

What is this “open source software” that you speak of, and why aren’t you using Pro Tools or something commercial? Are you some kind of hippie?

Opensource software is software that you can see the internal pieces of. Think of it as a car with a hood you can open, as opposed to a car with its hood welded shut (like commercial software).

Pro Tools just isn’t my bag. It doesn’t do anything for me. I’m also a systems analyst, so setting up a DAW (digital audio workstation) using Linux and available opensource tools wasn’t really a big deal.

As for the hippie thing, I’m definitely *not* a hippie. But I’ve seen them on TV …

I want to record my project, and want to do it at your studio. How do I do this?

Well, if you’re in New England, you’ll have a better chance than if you aren’t. We’re located in the greater Hartford area, in a town that no one has ever heard of. Then again, emailing Jeff and asking if he wouldn’t mind setting time aside from his busy schedule to record your project would be a nice idea. Money is also very helpful.