Something About Getting Older

There’s something about getting older. Things invariably change, life progresses, and eventually your perceptions begin to shift, ever so slightly. There’s also something of an Easter Bunny effect which happens at some point in your life ; for me, it was my birthday this year.

As you grow up, you think of certain days as special, whether they be days which are special to you, like your birthday, graduation, et cetera, or days which are special in some sort of cultural significance such as holidays (religious or secular), vacation, even certain days of the week. At some point when you grow older, each of these days begin to lose that tiny piece which makes them special to you. One year, you don’t see Halloween as being any different than any other day, beside the aggravation of cleaning up mess from vandals. Another year you learn that the Easter Bunny isn’t real, and that someone has been pulling a cruel trick on you all of these years. (I must say that the Easter Bunny one never happened to me, simply because I wasn’t raised to believe in Easter or its trappings. Still, the point is there.)

I’m a little bit torn as to whether I’m happy or not at this transition ; is it better to see magic in a day or circumstance, rather than believing that every day is the same, more or less, as the one proceeding and one to follow? I’m certain it’s the more “mature” of the two ; you rarely see grown men excited about Santa Claus visiting, or counting the days until their next birthday. Perhaps it’s simply a loss of childish innocence to open your eyes and see less wonder and amazement, and instead see pattern and routine. Rationally we all know that you don’t magically become a year older in a single day, but that it is a single day which brings that change into sharp contrast whether it be for good, bad or indifference. I’m not sure I miss the anticipation and buildup that come with expecting something to be somehow different from what came before and after it; is that what it means to truly grow up?

Happy birthday.