Mr Lonely

My name is Stan, and I’m a purebred black labrador retriever. I was born in January of 1999, and lived in a pet store until Jeff picked me up. I’m a little upset that he got me neutered, but I try not to notice. I was named after Stan Rogers, a Canadian folksinger who died of smoke inhalation saving fellow passengers from an airplane fire in 1984. I’m very kindhearted, and though I bark loudly at everything and everyone, I would never hurt a fly. Well, maybe a fly, since I like to eat flies and bees, if I can catch them.

I can be a little clumsy, but I’m pretty smart, since I can open door with my paws.

In my spare time, I love playing fetch, cats dogs and kids, and swimming.

He's actually a very good swimmer

My best friend is Ebony, who I room with.

The look says it all

Update: Stan died on October 28th, 2014 at 10:45 AM EDT. Thanks to all of his friends who have sent their condolences.

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