Why the Olympics is a Sham

Maybe you’ve divined from the title that I’m not exactly a supporter of the Olympics.

Of course, I have quite a few reasons why I don’t like them, and why I’m boycotting watching or having anything to do with the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.

1) Human Rights. Honestly, I don’t think I even have a leg to stand on with regard to this particular issue. It’s not like we torture people, stifle or censor the press, supress opinion or fundamental rights, or occupy a sovereign nation or anything. Do you feel a surge of guilt yet? Still, we shouldn’t exactly be *endorsing* this sort of thing by going. But how can we prove that America is the best hung nation on the planet unless we show ‘em the size of our chemically enhanced collective wang? Which brings me to point two…

2) Nationalism is Racism. The very idea that one person is superior to another one just because of where they were born, live, or what they look like. Not like we ever did something awful like that before. Still, we’re talking about a set of games which were supposed to promote “goodwill” among nations, and yet has turned into more of a violent pissing contest than anything else. The ancient greeks would have been disappointed, I guess, in between bouts of pederasty.

3. Jim Thorpe. Assuming he’s not spinning in his grave, one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century would probably have reminded you that he had his olympic gold medals stripped from him for accepting a few bucks to play a baseball game. What difference could that possibly make, you ask yourself? Well, the Olympics was originally conceived as a way for *amateur* athletes from all over the world to compete, not professionals, hence the removal of Mr Thorpe’s medals. But wait a minute …. isn’t there a USA Dream Team (starring none other than Mr Date Rape himself) playing in the Olympics? That’s right, they changed the rules so we can swing our Nationalist banana hammock around. Fuck fair play, man, game over. If you have to put paid ringers in there, where is your nationalist superiority?