remserial binary for NSLU2

For all those fans of the venerable NSLU2 (or “slug” as we like to call it), I have another package for OpenSlug/BE. This time it’s remserial, a Linux equivalent to the BSD “netfwd” software, allowing serial ports to be redirected over TCP.

Package: remserial_0.2000-1_armv5b.ipk
Source: remserial.tar.gz

For those enterprising people who would like to use my armv5b-softfloat-linux cross compilation toolchain, I have made it available on mediafire as well. It was compiled with Ubuntu 8.04.1 i386, so that’s the safest bet to use for compilation. I had used the NSLU2 “master makefile” to build it, since the vanilla crosstool had provided me little in terms of usable toolchains for the NSLU2.