We’ve been had

In case anyone was wondering, we’ve been had, in an awful, awful way, to the tune of around 70 *billion* dollars. And as pointed out on Cronytopia, US newspapers aren’t covering it.

Why aren’t we burning people in the streets, right now? I mean, I understand that the bailout passed by an overwhelming majority, but why were we so glad to give such a large amount of money to people that we shouldn’t trust raking manure, let alone running financial institutions?

Personally, I’m not giving a damn cent to investment bankers. They’ve scammed enough money away with the promise of “we’ll increase the amount of money you’ve got.” Screw the stock market. Let the well off people throw their money down that particular rat-hole. These people are off counting their money while our economy burns.

Can *anyone* please justify how we’re actually letting this happen? I can’t think of anyone apart from their MBA-holding compatriots in crime, who are anxiously hoping for some of that sweet, sweet socialized bailout money so they can also own a few chateaus… Fuck ‘em.