Well, that’s it. At around 11pm EST, Senator John McCain conceded the presidency to Senator Barack Obama. All of my fears of stolen elections and bigotry prevailing were unfounded. And I owe someone a lunch, but gladly so.

After listening to a few pundits on TV and McCain’s concession speech, I have noticed that everyone keeps harping on Senator Obama’s race. I just find it difficult to believe that we’re so proud of our ability to not trip over our bigotry enough to elect someone who isn’t white. Get over yourselves. We’re supposed to be an *adult* nation, so try to act like one. Don’t boo the winner when you’ve been supporting the loser, even six year olds know better. I’m also amazed that every major news channel made this thing out to be a contest, when it was pretty much decided in the Democratic primary. I mean, I think the Republican brand is dogfood at this point… Strauss should be appropriately spinning in his grave.

On to energy independence and the end of warmongering, perhaps? Perhaps even some universal healthcare. But as Bill Cosby pointed out, it’s not enough for Senator Obama to be a decent president, he’s going to have to be far better and far greater, otherwise it would doom any other non-caucasian presidential hopefuls.

Now, if only I could get one of those sweet “O”-bama hats. I really want one, and now I can’t find one on his store …