Let General Motors Die

Amid news of the overcompensated fatcat of General Motors heading over to Capitol Hill to prostrate himself at the feet of House Speaker Pelosi to beg for some of that sweet, sweet bailout money, without admitting that the pure capitalism he pimped to support his outrageous salary is now effectively dead, I see that Chief Financial Rape Artist Hank Paulson has just thrown another 140 billion dollars into the rabbit hole of non-accountability. This GM thing caught my attention for a reason; after a bit of “persuasion”, Speaker Pelosi is now on the floor of the House begging for her fellow legislators to throw the fuckers a bone.

This is the same GM that has been dumping SUVs on the market in a time when people aren’t buying them. The downturn in demand was reported in *2004*. I can’t honestly believe that there’s an issue with the idiots at GM understanding that, but more that they believe that they don’t have anything to change. They want to keep doing what they’re doing, and probably lay off a load of people who, as taxpayers, would be financing their operation. In case 2004 seems a bit familiar to some people, it was the year that same company unveiled a multi fuel car. Why, you ask, was I unaware of this? Because they did it in *Brazil*. Not here, but *Brazil*.

Much as horse and buggy whip companies fell under the wheels of progress as the automobile came to prominence, so must GM go under. They’re a dinosaur, which needs to be replaced with smaller lither companies which are interested in doing things other than churning out gas-guzzling monsters.

If a company the size of GM moved to electric vehicles, I would think that they would storm the industry and revolutionize American transportation. But that’s not the kind of forward thinking we’re seeing from one of the best paid CEOs in the industry. No, it’s all “stay the course.” I can swear I remember another chief executive saying that, and I don’t think it went too well.

I know Pelosi hasn’t been getting great press, what with Congress’s horrific approval ratings, but feeding money to these guys is just plain *retarded*. I mean, if we’re going to find a company worth saving, I don’t think it would be these guys, especially with their record of CEO Wagoner flaunting his huge salary as being “well earned” while his company lost billions of dollars.

I guess the legacy of the W presidency will be one of giving as much money as possible on the way out. I’m being witness to possibly the largest heist in *history*. These guys are walking off with money after having made horrific decisions, just because Americans can’t live with the idea of a (gasp) Recession, or even (horrors) Depression after we’ve been living off bubbles since Ronnie “Iron Curtain Smashing Cock” Reagan was in office.

It’s kind of funny to watch the fuckers on Bloomberg TV talk about how this is all “in our heads”, and that everything is the fault of skittish investors, as though the actual state of the market has nothing to do with the actual *money* that people have in there. The majority of Americans don’t have money to kick around like that.

Fuck GM. They’ve fucked up in a horrible, horrible way, and are now coming crying to the same people they have been laughing at for years, asking with tears in their eyes and outstretched hands for some of that sweet, sweet money from your unborn grandchildren. Die, GM. It’s about time.

Postscript: For the math…. GM wants 25,000,000,000 USD (25 billion dollars). Estimates range to about 150,000 jobs which would probably be lost if GM went belly up. Assuming that not a single GM car would be sold, they could continue to make payroll for over 3 years if the average pay of an actual GM worker was 50,000 USD a year. I’m sure they’re not getting paid that much, but assuming that … If the Feds mandated a complete changing of the guard in their useless management caste and also forced a new direction towards more fuel efficient vehicles and/or electric vehicles which are affordable for average Americans, there would be a serious chance of real change instead of the status quo. I’m not going to be holding my breath for it, though.