BankerWatch 2008

I’m getting to the point where I’m actually starting to track the guys who are primarily responsible for this awful financial mess, and. though there’s a lot of bad news, there’s also a lot of not so bad news. I rate any story where a banker doesn’t give the proverbial finger as a “good” story. I’m not advocating violence against people in the financial industry, but I’m surprised when it doesn’t happen.

Bad News

“Good” News

Speaking of, has anyone noticed how White House press releases look an awful lot like straight up propaganda? I doubt the Heritage Foundation could have mocked up a nastier looking “fact sheet”.

I want to take this opportunity to thank “middle America” (the part of the map which shows up as “red” on most election nights, and has hosted so much racism and bigotry over the years) for giving us this amazing turd for the last eight years. And for the great senators and representatives. Remember Phil Gramm (R-TX), David Vitter (R-LA), (R-LA), etc?