Why I Hate Banks

Another 30 billion ducats down the toilet. I’m not sure exactly what banks are supposed to do anymore, but I could swear it used to have something to do with loaning money to allow economic movement. Banks won’t lend money to anyone without sparkling credit, which means most people couldn’t get a loan.

Why the hell are we giving these weasels money? Their primary job is to lend money, and they can’t do that, instead favoring the primary job of funnelling money to CEOs and wealthy investors. I think AIG should probably have considered that it’s making a serious case for nationalization in that the company is proving a complete lack of responsibility in the fiscal responsibility department, while lecturing “irresponsible borrowers” about the same fiscal responsibility at the same time.

Well, we’re going down in flames. I hope you bastards had fun while it lasted.

(As a side note, I hate anything referring to “bailout” in a positive light. It’s not a positive thing. It’s slinging shit into an enormous chasm, and saying otherwise is wishful thinking of the highest degree. These people never cared about anything other than themselves, and nothing is going to change that. Talk about limits on investment banker salaries (for producing gornicht) and they’re up in arms, but everyone is hot on cutting autoworkers’ salaries… )