Windows Mobile is a crapfest

I hate Windows Mobile. It’s a horrible, horrible operating system. Phones and devices based on it are just as awful.

My Blackberry started exhibiting very odd behavior and disconnecting from the mobile network about every 30-45 seconds, so I flashed the firmware and shouted some incantations of the dockworker variety before giving up and pronouncing it dead. My job was nice enough to furnish me with a replacement, which unfortunately runs WinMo.

I think I’m going to send a map and flashlight to Dan Hesse so that Sprint can have some help finding and removing its head from its rectum. After some initial idiotic comments from Hesse regarding how Android “[isn’t] good enough to put the Sprint brand on…” (which interestingly makes me wonder what kind of dog food they do put their brand on), I’ve been cursing about the lack of Android on the Sprint network. I’ve used the T-Mobile G1, and that phone, despite any of the “it’s not an iPhone” mooks’ commenting, is a very nice phone with a nice open platform.

Can you hear me, Sprint? I don’t know why you’re dawdling, but you might as well bury WinMo. It’s a horrible, horrible platform coupled with awful phones. Also, ditch HTC if you can. I’d rather see Motorola or Nokia (or even … ugh… Samsung or LG) try their hand at an Android phone. You’re not making any friends by making us wait for a decent phone technology.

(As a sidebar, whoever came up with that lame rollerball on the Pearl and Curve should be taken out back and shot. It’s horrible. Well, not as horrible as the roller on the side of the 870x models, but still pretty horrible.)