Dichotomy of the Human Condition

Why is it that we have such a strong built-in need to survive when we’re miserable most of the time?

I guess that’s the biological imperative making sure that we perpetuate the species, in the same way that our genes fighting for dominance is most likely the root cause for our Randian inability to coexist with others without eventually trying to climb to new heights by stepping on them. I’m not really an Ayn Rand fan, if you haven’t gotten that from reading the last few sentences …

In another aspect, our need to succeed is a good part of what seems to make us miserable, in that we’re mostly taught to either (a) be happy with everything because this is what you have and God’ll give you a cookie when you’re wormfood or (b) nothing is *ever* enough. Neither of those mentalities really does much good for us as a collective of people, and I really wish that there were some easy solution that I could pull out to make everything all better. Unfortunately, people are beholden to their ingrained beliefs, and people rarely change. Anyone who says otherwise is probably selling something.