Performance Bonuses

I think that after reading things like this about taxpayer outrage at executive level bankers raking in performance bonuses for apparently tanking the world financial system, I’m starting to think that we’re wrong about the outrage.

Not that we shouldn’t be outraged about funnelling money to jackholes who buy and sell people like me during lunch … more that they really should get performance bonuses if it’s based on *performance*.

Look at what they’ve done: the upward motion of wealth from retirement funds and other previously untouchable funding sources, along with the end of the ownership society, yet their stockholders are still seeing money thanks to wheelbarrow loads of cash money straight from your grandkids’ future earnings. They’re raiding the *federal* coffers, eating tax money previously only available for bombing dark people and educating children, and moving that money into their vaults. I mean, if that isn’t an amazing performance, what is?

They tank the system, then get our money. Take a bow, you fat greedy pig fuckers. Hopefully a few more of you get cold-cocked before this thing blows over.