I have just wrapped up (no pun intended) work on an initial version of a CLI JasperReports wrapper, based heavily off the work of jasperCall. It’s also quite similar to the work being done on RunJasperReports, although it was specifically designed to be integrated into FreeMED’s reporting engine, as it is put together as a fatjar. It currently supports PDF, XML, XLS and HTML output, and should theoretically support parameter passing, though I haven’t tried it out yet. It has a newer version of MySQL Connector/J baked in as well, so it shouldn’t require any external libraries outside a standard JRE install to function properly.

The code can be check out of anonymous Subversion from if anyone is interested in building it. (It obviously should require Java 6 JDK to compile properly.) Hopefully I’ll get around to tagging and releasing versions of it for download shortly, if anyone shows interest in it.