Open Mic at the Stonewall Tavern

The Stonewall Tavern in Eagleville, CT hosts an open mic night every Tuesday night. It was formerly hosted by the Blaney Brothers, and is now hosted by Rob and Johnny.

I usually record the sets and put them online, as well as occasionally take pictures.

For those interested in the particulars, I record everything using a Thinkpad T61 running Ubuntu Linux connected to a Behringer UCA-202 device connected via the USB port. All cutting was done with mp3cut (using normalization), after finding positions using Audacity. I have been using the service provided by the nice people at MediaFire to provide free file hosting services.

If you really don’t have access to a CD burner, I can make copies on request. I don’t charge for them, but bear in mind that you have to keep it within reason, and you may have to replenish my blanks supply if you use them all up.

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