Kill Bill

Kill that damn “healthcare” bill. Kill it dead.

I’m as shocked as anyone else that I’m agreeing with morons who wear teabags on their hats and think that universal healthcare is some bizarre form of fascism, and that everyone is a Nazi. Not to fear, I’m not agreeing with them on *everything*, just on one thing: this “healthcare” bill sucks.

We saw a 100 bump in the DJIA this morning after the Senate passed their bastardization of a health insurance industry subsidy bill. Of course, it had to do with the excise tax being delayed, supposedly. Not anything having to do with 25 million new customers being forced into an industry with little or no regulation. Nope, not that.

Progressives are counting on the bill to be improved on its way back from the House, claiming that it will be better than the version that the Senate watered down. Y’know, because it makes so much sense that these cretins who tear every good measure out of a bill with the mere threat of a tantrum (without having to do the “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” thing) are just going to smile and say “I know we didn’t do this before, but of *course* we’ll do it, now that the House of Representatives said it was okay!” I can’t figure out who are the bigger morons, the Senate democratic leadership or the guys in the Progressive movement eating this up like Frosted Shit Flakes.

All our lame duck president had to do was push single payer, really. It might have been the end of his political career, but would have, much as the civil rights movement revolutionized America, drastically changed the way we live our lives in this country. No more would medical bankruptcy be something with which many families are familiar, and no longer would people fear financial ruin from attempting to seek medical care. I can’t condone mandated private insurance with no real caps on what they can charge or what horrible things they can do to you when you don’t play by their rules.

What happened to this guy? Who traded him out for this dud? With what? Oh yeah. Money. Power.

Give up the idea that you as a person can do anything. We’re peons, slaves to a country bought and paid for by large industries.

If you don’t believe single payer is not only superior in every imaginable way to the nightmare we have now and would also save us *billions* of dollars, please visit Physicians for a National Healthcare Plan. The huge list of studies, including CBO ones, are eye-opening.

Is it the best possible thing? No. I’m sure there are better systems, somewhere. It’s not socialized healthcare, just socializing the payment structure for it. And that’s not a dirty word, morons. We socialize a lot of things for the common good. Haven’t heard too many fiscal conservatives griping about that 636 *billion* dollar spending bill. Oh yeah. ‘Cause it helps us kill the Al-Qaedas that aren’t in Afghanistan and continue blowing holes in the sand to fill them with bundles of freshly printed dollars. Like that ever helped anything. Would you like a terrorist-repellent rock?

But we’re going to mouse and complain that the government wants to take away our liberty and little American flags. I’d be more concerned with ceding government power to corporations. Privatization doesn’t make things better, it just tacks on a profit “tax” to a social venture. Look at California… that shit is falling apart.

Not to worry. Your healthcare system will be following suit. Please try not to die on the sidewalk.