Sucking away valuable moments of your life ...


Without music life would be a mistake. – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Music is an integral part of my life. Here’s some information on things that I’m involved in musically.

  • evoke – Hard rock trio with me on bass.
  • JohnFest – Recordings and media from John Mayer’s summer music get-together. Unofficial, of course, but the event doesn’t really have a website other than this.
  • Open Mic at the Stonewall Tavern – Pictures and recordings of the Tuesday open mic at the Stonewall Tavern in Eagleville, CT. The Stonewall Tavern does have its own myspace page at . There is also a myspace page specifically for the Open Mic which I put up to point the the appropriate places, at Mediafire
  • The Studio – All of the studio-related stuff is over here